Timber Frame Partitions

Double glazing has many benefits over single glazing (where there's just one pane of glass and no air layer or gas): Keeps warm air in, meaning your property is better insulated. This results in fewer draughts and cheaper heating bills. Keeps noise out - you'll hear less noise from outside with double glazing. Reduces the amount of condensation on the inside of your windows. Heightens security - double glazed glass is more difficult to break than single glazing.

Timber frame partition are becoming more and more popular and can match the interior of your office with both classic and modern designs.

We design these partitions by combining the brilliance of the glass with the rawness of real wood.

Our timber framed systems are easy to demount and relocate and offer an ultimate sound and fire rated solution.

Custom-made veneers and well-engineered solid wood add durability to the system. According to the size of your room, we configure different styles of timber-framed glass partitions.