Narrowband-IOT (NB-IOT)


Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) is the first piece of technology focused on connecting the internet to everyday objects that requires small amounts of data over long periods of time. NB-IoT is designed to broaden the future of IoT connectivity in a more secure and reliable way. It is ideal for devices that generate low data traffic and have a long life cycle.

10-year battery life means nothing if your technology only lasts five. Choose a standard that can evolves with you. 

NB-IoT Smoke Detector 

NB-IoT-based Smart Smoke Detection system lacks many of the disadvantages of traditional smoke detectors such as difficult cabling, short battery life, high maintenance costs, and an inability to interact with people. 


NB-IoT ND02 Smoke Detector

The ND02 Smoke Detector has many advantages over traditional smoke detectors. No longer the need for complicated cabling, problems with short battery life, high maintenance costs and the inability to interact with people. The management platform can be integrated into existing fire systems so critical real-time information are relayed to firefighters to make critical decisions of where to deploy their resources to save lives.

NB- IoT module

NB‑IoT Module will connect to many more devices with the Internet and will make many new applications a reality. It is optimised for applications that need to communicate small amounts of data over long periods of time.