LT Smart Group

At LT Smart, we’re committed to creating a sustainable business that flourishes over time, championing a smarter lifestyle for future generations. We’re passionate about merging companies and products that offer innovative and improved ways of living.


Based in London, our expert divisions include:

RENUiTT:Leading the way in eco-friendly, renewable energy solutions, Renuitt specializes in Solar Panel Installation and now extends its services to include commercial battery storage and EV charger installations for both residential and commercial settings. This approach ensures sustainable solar power solutions while contributing to environmental conservation.

Renuitt- Solar Panels Installer

PRIVIGLAZE: Specialists in Smart Glass and Office Smart Control Solutions, Priviglaze redefines spaces with adjustable transparency glass and energy-saving controls, revolutionizing aesthetics and functionality with the simple press of a button.


Avivo Lighting: Dedicated to bespoke luxury smart lighting solutions, Avivo Lighting combines exquisite design with the latest in smart technology to enhance the ambiance of any area.


LTS-electrical: Providing a wide array of electrical services for both residential and commercial clients, LTS-Electrical ensures everything from installations to repairs is handled by MCS and Napit certified electricians. Our focused, reliable service is designed to meet the specific requirements of each project, ensuring customer satisfaction.

LiNK & IoT Solutions: Our combined division offers a comprehensive array of 5G Private Network and IoT technologies, aiming to keep businesses ahead with reliable connectivity and smart, interconnected devices that boost operational efficiency and modern lifestyles. Features like SIM-based desktop phones facilitate quick, hassle-free setup for efficient communication.


LTSMART Manufacturing: Progressing from component fabrication to full-scale production services, this division streamlines processes, boosts productivity, and ensures safety across various industries, encompassing everything from manufacturing to daily operations.

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