NB IoT – ND02 Smoke Detector


Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) Smoke Detector

The ND01 Smoke Detector has many advantages over traditional smoke detectors. No longer the need for complicated cabling, problems with short battery life, high maintenance costs and the inability to interact with people. The management platform can be integrated into existing fire systems so critical real-time information are relayed to firefighters to make critical decisions of where to deploy their resources to save lives.

  • Applicable for home and commercial use
  • NB-IoT wireless technology requires no cabling – plug-and-play, easy to deploy
  • Low power consumption eliminates the need for frequently replacing battery and maintenance
  • Detects fires in real-time, promptly reporting a broad spectrum of potential issues
  • Can be integrated with a third-party fire system to activate firefighting related devices such as alarm and sprinklers.

Featured Specs:

• Battery capacity reporting
• Low battery alarm
• Issue sensor failure alarm, ready to receive alarm notification remotely
• Able to report NB signal strength
• Push smoke alarm notification to the cloud server
• Manually set silent function
• Remotely set silent function
• Tamper status report to cloud server
• Report IMSI number of SIM to cloud server
• Supports APP, telephone, SMS, email push



Working voltage: DC3V(CR123A battery)
• Bandwidth: B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28
• ChipsetHI2115
Alarm indicator: Red LED flash
Alarm sound level: < 80dB (3m)
Working environment: -100C~+500C
Working humidity: 95%RH
Dimension: 149.5mm× H46.0mm (Include mounting bracket)