Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Smart Glass?

– Switchable glass partitions: switch between frosted and clear for privacy on demand,  giving the appearance of an open plan area.

– Privacy control: safeguard your property when you are away from home including intelligent remote access.

– Touch screen and rear projection capabilities: perfect for outward facing retail premises, home cinema & office presentations.

– Safety protection against impact, it can effectively prevent the glass from breaking into sharp shards. Glass will hold together ensuring safe removal.

– UV protection: 99% protection against harmful UV rays, also acts as a blind and offers acoustic reduction.

– Excellent optical quality, reliable technology.

– Low working voltage.

– Efficient use of space in the built environment.

– Large size of many shapes can be produced.

– High durability, solid-state technology with no moving parts to wear out or break.

– Aesthetically pleasing, hygienic & low maintenance.

How does the smart glass work?

Internal structures hierarchically analysed. Smart glass adopts PDLC film as the intermediate layer via special manufacturing process, which bring a close combination with multi-layer materials.

Can I get Smart Glass in different colours?

Yes. All colours are available.

Can I purchase a sample?

Yes. A4 size is available.

Smart Glass is completely transparent when the power on?

When power on, visible light can reach 90%.

Smart Glass is suitable for doors or windows?

Yes, it can be used for glass doors, including sliding doors, automatic doors, and windows.