Automated Robotic Parking System

LT Smart presents to you a robotic parking system that brings outstanding user experience by implementing elegance and design within a seamless functionality. Park your car in the check-in station, the robot scans your car to determine its size, you pay for parking, and walk away. When you’re ready to leave the robot picks up your car using its sensors and radar guidance and brings it to the pickup station.

How it works

Graphic Of How Automated Robot Control Center is connected

Car parking process:

Step 1: Drive in Check-in Station

Step 2: Park the car following instruction screen

Step 3: Complete check-in and registration

Step 4: Parking procedure – COMPLETE

Car retrieving process:

Step 1: Choose ‘Retrieve Cars’ from Smartphone or Car-park’s dedicated Touch Screen

Step 2: Type in the authorization code specific to the car

Step 3: Robot retrieves the car and brings it to the Transfer Station

Step 4: Car retrieved!

Robot Software management control - Graphic

Solution Features:

  • Up to +60% Parking Spaces
  • Zero Site Works
  • Multi-level parking
  • Flexible Layout Design
  • Real-time Remote Management
  • Years of Operation Experience
  • Industrial Safe and Stable
  • Quick Installation and Implementation

Software Management:

  • Dynamic Car Management
  • Traffic Planning
  • Multi-Robot Collaboration
  • Mapping and Simulation
  • Real-time Diagnosis
  • Remote Control

Product Applications:

  • Logistics Hub, Airport, Train Station
  • Residential Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Car Production

Multi-level Parking

Multilevel Parking - Diagram
Multilevel Parking - Open carpark
Multilevel Parking - underground levels Carpark
Multilevel Parking - Airport Carpark

Case Studies

Beijing Daxing Airport
Beijing Daxing Airport - Few Images Of The Parking robot and Office door
  • 2019

    Works since 2019

  • 150

    Over 150 parking spaces

  • 3700

    Operating on over 4000 sqm area

  • 4-6

    4 transfer stations

  • 3

    3 Automated robots

  • 2

    2 charging stations

Beijing Motors
Beijing Motors
  • 2019

    Works since 2019

  • 40000

    Area of over 40000 sqm

  • 2300

    Over 2300 car storage spaces

  • 5

    5 functional areas

  • 4-6

    4-6 Automated robots

  • 2

    24-hour operation


Robot Dimension (standard version)

Weight kg 2500
Length m 4.4-6.1
Width m 3.1
Minimum ground clearance mm 85


Speed m/s >3.0
Lift up speed mm/s 35.0
Acceleration / Deceleration m/s2 >0.4
Battery life cycle > 5000 cycles
Temperature range °C -20~50
Operation cycle >5 hours (at 25°C)
Drive Electric drive
Navigation Laser navigation

Car Dimension (standard version)

Maximum weight kg 3000
Maximum length m 5.3
Minimum length m 2.5
Maximum widen m 2.2
Minimum wheelbase m 1.8
Minimum ground clearance mm 120
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